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NYC construction accident results in the death of one worker

Posted on Thursday, October 30th, 2014 at 3:28 pm    

imagesLate last month, an accident at a Midtown Manhattan construction site resulted in the death of a worker after a slab of concrete suddenly fell from the structure, pinning and crushing the worker. While the exact cause of the structure’s collapse has not been identified, it has been suggested that the fact that the workers were excavating the premises resulted in the structure’s foundation being compromised.

This was not the first example of possible dangerous conditions at this specific construction site, which was going to be the site of an upcoming hotel. Just a month earlier, work at the construction site was partially shut down for a day due to safety violations.

Since the accident occurred, work on the site has been stopped indefinitely. Additionally, this accident could come with some serious financial repercussions. According to website of Hach & Rose, LLP, New York construction accident lawyers, the family of a construction worker who is killed on the job is often entitled to pursue compensation from the company responsible for the accident. As such, this accident could result in a protracted legal battle and significant financial losses for the responsible party.